My first real post.

This week I learned about different types of business models. Some of them are difficult for me to really understand. Which part is my business and what part is someone else’s. Since I will need to refer to the article again in the future, I have posted the link to the website and the titles of the different business models mentioned.

The second site had useful ideas for brainstorming business ideas. The link to that site is…

Last of all it was really interesting to learn about Google AdWords. The link for the instructional video that helped me set up my account and use it for the first time is…

Towards the end of the week I was feeling much more confident about possibly succeeding in this class, then I read about the project and I got nervous again. You would think after living for 58 years I would have figured out how to be confident and how to do homework before playing. The learning and becoming are ongoing (smile).


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